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Agreements / Documentation
A number of documents may be signed by an Employer and Employee but broadly they fall into two catergories;

This document is usually signed at the beginning of the Employer/Employee relationship but may be amended or redrafted during the Employee’s employment.

After 13 weeks of continuous employment an Employee is entitled to Terms and Conditions of Employment. These can be provided in one of two ways;

>> A short basic document with brief essential details such as name, address, renumeration, holidays and notice period.

>> A longer documents called a “Contract of Employment” which includes all the information contained within the Terms and Conditions plus additional information relating to wider issues such as; sickness,  pensions, bonus payments etc. It is sensible to take legal advice in relation to this very important document  as it is legally binding therefore if you require assistance in relation to this document please contact us.

This is usually signed at the end of the Employer/Employee relationship.  It is usually not possible to simply sign away that a person has been attributed by the law. If such legal rights   could be signed away with ease there would be little point in Laws being in force.

Accordingly under Employment Law there are special circumstances where an employee can give up the legal rights they have if all of the conditions set down by law have been satisfied. The most relevant right an Employee gives up is the right to bring a case of Unfair Dismissal or Discrimination against his/her Employer. Usually the reason an Employee gives up the right to sue is because upon completion of the Settlement Agreement the Employee receives a sum of money usually tax free.

A settlement agreement is a document which to become legally binding must be signed by an independent   qualified advisor who is usually a solicitor, the fees of which are usually paid by the Employer. If you require assistance or advice in relation to a  Settlement Agreement please contact us.

Other documents that may be signed are confidentiality agreements, employee procedures, share option, share purchase or share sale agreements.
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