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I returned to work after a period of sick leave to be told that I was being made redundant from one of the country’s largest most prevalent recruitment companies. After 11 years of loyal and successful service this came as a shock. I immediately contacted Natasha who had acted for my husband some years ago with a successful outcome.

Although I was extremely well thought of and had association with senior executives in the company this counted for nothing. I needed someone in my corner and from day one Natasha was fantastic. She explained my legal position clearly and managed my expectation throughout the process.

I found working with Natasha gave me a huge sense of comfort at a time where I felt professionally vulnerable and alienated.

Natasha was always available for me to discuss things as they occurred, she gave me invaluable advice and made me feel with her personal attention that I mattered and provided me with solutions to a process I was completely unfamiliar with.

I know that sometimes people think that legal advice is costly and does not get results but my personal experience is  that in an employment situation it is essential.

I have recommended Natasha to friends who have found her service excellent where positive results have been achieved.


In November 2008 I found myself in the unfortunate position of being bullied and harassed in work which may have ended in Unfair or Constructive dismissal case had I not engaged Natasha Jones. The company I worked for is one of the largest Utility Suppliers and I felt a Senior Manager and two Senior Managers within the HR Department were treating me in an unacceptable way.

The situation began because I questioned a strategy of the Senior Manager – as was my remit plus it is an integral part of the Company Ethos to question things you believe to be wrong and subsequently I was suspended for a triviality. I am still shocked and astounded what companies think they can do these days to employees without any recourse on them.

I found myself in dire need of legal advice, I tried Citizens Advice, Government Web sites and my personal house insurance with “free legal advice” all of which were unable to provide the level of assistance as was to need!. I resorted to the Internet to search for a specialist Employment Lawyer, fortunately for myself I found Natasha Jones.

I first meet Natasha at her office for a consultation meeting, immediately I was put at ease by Natasha who listened to my case and reassured me that with her experience and with the support of my legal rights I would be able to protect my position. Natasha was willing to take over the whole case and complete all communications or provide general instruction/direction of what to do. Obviously the latter is the cheaper option but personally time consuming and needs a certain levels of resilience, articulacy and excellent record keeping.

For twelve months I was left in a state of limbo because the Company continually failed to follow any internal procedures or policies. Some of these failures were obvious to me but Natasha was able to identify further legal failings which only strengthened my case.

After six months my situation was further compounded as my role was made redundant! The Company concerned just continued to make the whole situation more and more complicated plus they failed to follow even more procedures and policies. I was informed that I was to be released in April but I received further communication after the given leave date that I was being made to work my notice – six months. The only reason for this was to attempt to dismiss myself and save on paying Redundancy and Notice. The arrogance of the Company and its managers rely on people “giving in” and not be able or willing to defend their rights, my case would have ended up at an Industrial Tribunal had we not managed to resolve the issues.

The whole situation was very stressful and had a detrimental effect on my health but I was able to continue defending myself with the aid of Natasha. Now 12 months further down the line the Company effectively lost the battle and I have now finally be released with all the remuneration I was due under redundancy.

If you have found yourself in a similar unfortunate situation or have any matters relating to Employment Law I have would recommend Natasha be you first port of call – I am certainly very grateful for all her skills and hard work.

Name and contact details can be provided via Natasha Jones should you need further clarification or recommendation.

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